ESREL2024 23-27 JUNE 2024

the 34-th European Safety and Reliability Conference

Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

ESREL 2024 Methodology and Application Areas

MA. Methodology Areas

MA1. Accident and incident modelling

MA2. Complex systems and critical infrastructures reliability, safety and security modelling and optimization

MA3. Complex systems and critical infrastructures maintenance strategies

MA4. Complex systems and critical infrastructure business continuity modelling and optimization

MA5. Crisis management support systems

MA6. Cybersecurity and functional safety in hazardous systems

MA7. Disaster preparedness, mitigation and response

MA8. Human factors in system reliability, safety and security

MA9. Mathematical methods in reliability, safety and security

MA10. Monitoring and early warning systems

MA11. Occupational safety

MA12. Prognostics and system health management

MA13. Reliability, safety and security of components and systems

MA14. Reliability, safety and security related management systems

MA15. Research challenges concerning sustainability, safety and security

MA16. Risk and reliability assessment and management

MA17. Security, vulnerability and resilience of systems

MA18. Simulation based methods for reliability, safety and security

MA19. Statistical methods in reliability, safety and security

MA20. Uncertainty analysis

MA21. Other

AA. Application Areas

AA1. Aeronautics and aerospace

AA2. Artificial intelligence

AA3. Chemical and process industry

AA4. Civil engineering

AA5. Critical infrastructures

AA6. Cyber systems

AA7. Energy

AA8. Food

AA9. Gas extraction and distribution

AA10. Healthcare

AA11. Heating

AA12. Hydrogen technologies

AA13. Industrial automation and control

AA14. Industry 4.0 and 5.0

AA15. Information and communication

AA16. Land transport

AA17. Manufacturing

AA18. Maritime and offshore

AA19. Mines and coal mining

AA20. Monitoring

AA21. Natural and operation hazards

AA22. Nuclear power plants

AA23. Occupational conditions

AA24. Oil extraction and distribution

AA25. Water supply

AA26. Robotics

AA27. Supply chains and logistic networks

AA28. Smart buildings and cities

AA29. Other