ESREL2024 23-27 JUNE 2024

the 34-th European Safety and Reliability Conference

Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

Special Sessions (Acceptance And Request For Final Versions Sent) Current Status on 01.01.2024 plus (34 Sessions)

(still under completion)

Topic: Next Generation Risk Assessment Modelling Methods (Dynamic and Dependent Tree Theory, D2T2), part 1. Organizer(s): John Andrews, Silvia Tolo.

Topic: Next Generation Risk Assessment Modelling Methods (Dynamic and Dependent Tree Theory, D2T2), part 2. Organizer(s): John Andrews, Silvia Tolo.

Topic: Reinforcement Learning for RAMS applications. Organizer(s): Piero Baraldi, Michele Compare, Enrico Zio.

Topic: Transfer Learning methods for Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) and Predictive Maintenance. Organizer(s): Piero Baraldi, Olga Fink, Enrico Zio.

Topic: Advances in maintenance modelling and its applications. Organizer(s): Lucía Bautista Bárcena, Inmaculada Torres Castro.

Topic: Regional risk and resilience analysis: from hazards to urban growth. Organizer(s): Alessandro Contento, Paolo Gardoni.

Topic: Survival Signature for System Reliability. Organizer(s): Frank Coolen.

Topic: Reliability and Resilience of Complex Systems, and Systems of Systems. Organizer: Pierre Dersin.

Topic: Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graphs and Ontologies for RAMS Applications. Organizer(s): Piero Baraldi, Marcio Jose das Chagas Moura, Enrico Zio.

Topic:Regional risk and resilience analysis: from hazards to urban growth Organizer(s): Alessandro Contento, Paolo Gardoni.

Topic: Integration of Sustainability with Risk Assessment and Management and Occupational Health and Safety. Organizer(s): Francesco Di Paco, Marco Frosolini, Roberto Gabbrielli, Leonardo Marrazzini.

Topic: Quantum-based Optimization and Inference for Risk and Reliability Applications. Organizer(s): Enrique Lopez Droguett, Gabriel San Martin.

Topic: Quantum Machine Learning for Risk and Reliability Applications Organizer(s): Enrique Lopez Droguett, Aadi Tiwari.

Topic: Hidden Markov Models In Reliability and Maintenance. Organizer(s): Maria Luz Gámiz.

Topic: New approaches to dependency quantification of human reliability. Organizer(s): Yochan Kim.

Topic: Recent ontological, methodological, and operational advances in resilience. Organizer(s): Omar Kammouh, Hiba Baroud, Maria Nogal.

Topic: Critical Infrastructure Safety Analysis. Organizer(s): Krzysztof Kołowrocki.

Topic: Towards Resilience Assessment Of Critical Infrastructure. Organizer(s): Vytis Kopustinskas in cooperation with ESReDA.

Topic: Towards Resilience Assessment Of Power Systems. Organizer(s): Vytis Kopustinskas.

Topic: Resilience and sustainability of multi-modal transportation networks. Organizer(s): Corinna Köpke, Janis Simons, Kris Schroven.

Topic: Risk analysis and Safety in Standardization. Organizer(s): Luca Landi, Fabio Pera.

Topic: LIFE SECURDOMINO. Real-time risk assessment of industrial facilities based on the integration of safety and security. Organizer(s): Gabriele Landucci, Zdeněk Vintr.

Topic: Human AI teaming & Collaborative Intelligence for Safety Critical Systems. Organizer(s): Maria Chiara Leva, Hector Diego Estrada Lugo, Bernard Moser.

Topic: Case Studies on Industrial Predictive Reliability: focus on numerical validation. Organizer(s): Maciej Majerczak, Ewelina Czerlunczakiewicz, Marco Bonato.

Topic:Dynamic risk analysis and emergency management for complex human-machine systems. Organizer(s): Huixing Meng, Renyou Zhang, He Li, Jinduo Xing.

Topic: Data-driven predictive maintenance. Organizer(s): Mihaela Mitici, Zhiguo Zeng, David Coit.

Topic: Advances in Reliability Engineering and Risk Management in Oil and Gas Industries. Organizer(s): Márcio José das Chagas Moura, Isis Didier Lins, Enrique Andrés López Droguett, Manoel Feliciano Silva.

Topic: Advances In Structured Expert Judgment. Organizer(s): Tina Nane and Anca Hanea.

Topic: New safety challenges: from risk to safety and security in new perspectives. Organizer(s): Mario di Nardo, Arvind Upadhyay.

Topic: Trustworthy Model V&V and Digital Twins of Complex and Nonlinear Engineering Systems. Organizer(s): Susmita Naskar, Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay, Jian Zhou, Sifeng Bi, Yi Ren, Edoardo Patelli, Michael Beer.

Topic: Safe and sustainable hydrogen technologies, Part 1. Organizer(s): Nicola Paltrinieri.

Topic: Safe and sustainable hydrogen technologies, Part 2. Organizer(s): Nicola Paltrinieri

Topic: Assessment of physical protection systems. Organizer(s): Zdenek Vintr.

Topic:Cost-Benefit Decisions under Uncertainty. Organizer(s): Kai-Dietrich Wolf, Enrico Zio.

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